Miscellanous collections

Collections of fabulous scope

Various exhibits devoted to Druskininkai history are being collected, stored and thoroughly investigated in the Museum. These include old time photos and images featuring different Druskininkai places, prints and documents belonging to different stages of the city‘s development, publications of the accredited scientific conferences that took place in Druskininkai and its surroundings. Visitors are also being introduced to several antiquarian daily implements carrying Druskininkai‘s signature, documents proclaiming achievements of  K. Gajauskas, P. Viščinis, E. Kriaučiūnaitė who passed away but left a great legacy behind, as well as the symbolic regalia objects of a Citizen of Honour; photo albums originating in the Soviet period and reflecting activities of the health resort’s institutions. Collections also contain the present day ornaments and objects, such as imagery cards, inclusive notelets related to the activity of health care facilities and SPA centres, mineral water flasks and some other objects.  Moreover, the Museum focuses on the segregated art photography fund, and its proudest boast is the photography collection belonging to the marshal B. Piłsudski. Its derivation period refers to the years 1898 to 1905. Old photo negatives assemblage that remained the property of A. J. Kubilius provides history researchers with new precious facts and information. The collection has been originated in the period of 1960-1989.  
Art-lovers and researchers highly evaluate the unique collection produced by artists in Exile. It was presented to the public by P. Viščinis. As well the Museum is proud of owing painting works that derive from the international artists symposiums named “M. K.Čiurlionis days”. They were taking place in Druskininkai throughout 1978-2000.