Find the Sūrutis treasure!

Sūrutis legend

Once upon a time there was a man called Sūrutis. He lived in Druskininkai. He was considered to
be the first and only man who knew how to treat people using mineral water springs. In those past days
this ordinary countryman successfully treated the paralyzed nobleman, and famous madam afterwards.
Later on the man‘s son Benediktas inherited his father’s faith and skills, and subsequently, he was highly
celebrated at all hospitals of Grodno (Hrodna). Benediktas Sūrutis succeeded well. He finally made a
fortune and habitually buried his treasures in the ground. However, it was a disaster waiting to happen.
Benediktas’s house burned down to the ground and destroyed everything including the wealth of his guests.
Sūrutis was arrested. He later regained his freedom but it cost him his fortune. Vodka (водка in Russian)
helped Benediktas to soothe his tragic loss. During the peak time of constructions at the Druskininkai resort
Sūrutis son suddenly died. The man‘s daughter remained to live poorly in the countryside as, prior to his
sudden death, father did not tell her what exactly happened to his wealth. He only mysteriously added:
“Water (voda (вода) in Russian) provided for me and it took everything from me”. It could be understood
as follows: mineral springs (voda (вода)) provided the man with wealthy future, and the vodka (водка)
deprived him of it.
Up to these days no one is aware where Sūrutis fortune is. You could be the lucky one who finds the
Sūrutis treasures! Try it out:
Here is a map of the hidden treasure that belonged to Sūrutis. In order to win a prize, you have three
attempts allowed for finding the treasure. Every month random winners will be chosen to win a free of
charge invitation to Druskininkai Aqua Park.
If you did not succeed to find the Sūrutis treasure TODAY, try to participate again TOMORROW.
The best of luck!